Naif Circular Face Scrub

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  • Natural ingredients
  • No (micro) plastics
  • Without parabens or chemical foaming agents
  • With fine scrub grains of calcite from Amsterdam drinking water
  • Cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells
  • For all skin types, also for sensitive skin
  • In a sustainable packaging, made of sugar cane
  • Developed and produced in the Netherlands
  • 100% vegan and ocean friendly

Naïf's Circular Face Scrub leaves skin cleansed and contributes to a better world. This facial scrub is the first product to use natural calcite (lime) granules. Gentle on the skin and kind to the environment.

The Circular Face Scrub cleanses your skin and removes dead skin cells. It is a gentle scrub with very fine chalk granules. The Amsterdam drinking water consists of surface water and groundwater. To make it drinkable, Waternet purifies the water. Limestone is filtered out of the water. Via AquaMinerals calcite finds its way to several sustainable solutions and products. When the granulated chalk ends up down the shower drains after usage, the granules will be simply filtered out again to re-use. A circular process.

And the other ingredients used in the scrub? Like all our products, they are vegan and contain natural ingredients, plus our Naïf fragrance. The macadamia, avocado and sweet almond oils give the skin an extra soft feeling. The tube of the Circular Face Scrub is made from bio-plastic, with sugar cane as the main ingredient.

How to use

Scrub your face once or twice a week for healthy glowy skin. To achieve the best result, slightly moisten your face and apply a pea-sized bit of scrub to the inside of your hand. Massage the scrub with your fingertips for at least 30 seconds in circular movements. Don't forget your neck and cleavage. Rinse with slightly warm water. You've joined the scrub club!

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