Ocean plastic buddy light green + Dr. Bronners multi purpose bar 140g

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Sea Shepherd

Hi there! I’m your Bubble Buddy. Use me to grate organic soap bars instead of buying all kinds of liquid soap in plastic bottles and soap dispensers. Now don’t get me wrong, plastic is a really cool modern material – used in the right way and in the right place. Like me, for instance: recycled plastic! But humans are throwing away so much plastic which ends up in our sewage, our rivers, and seas. And that’s not cool at all. Together, you and I can cut down on plastic bottles in your home. Isn’t that a ‘grate’ start?

limited edition
49% of the plastic used for this ocean Buddy has been taken from the oceans, it mainly consist of discarded fishing gear alsno known as ghostnets. The other 50% is recycled household waste, the mix of the ocean plastic and householdplastic caused the light green colour. From every Bubble Buddy sold we make a donation to Sea Shepherd, but this collaboration is extra special because Sea Shepherd is one of the companies that collected the ocean plastic to be recycled into this Bubble Buddy! A true Sea Shepherd edition. And because Dr. Bronners is one of the other sponsors of Sea Shepherd this edition comes with a Dr. Bronners Citrus Bar.

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