Puimsteen - wit met handvat

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Pumice stone of Croll & Denecke is a natural and biodegradable volcanic rock that has been used for centuries. 

Feet, elbows and knees are often affected by repeated contact and frictions, for example by putting on and taking off shoes.

The pumice stone thus helps to deeply exfoliate calluses and restore the skin's softness and elasticity. 

Thanks to its easy grip, you can rub the skin without too much effort.


Biodegradable | 100% Natural | Vegan


How to use it?

Soak your feet in warm water with a bit of soap for 10 minutes to soften the skin.

Gently scrape the dead skin with the pumice stone, making movements in the same direction.

Dry your feet and nourish them with essential oils or a nourishing cream.

How to clean it?

Regular cleaning of your pumice stone ensures its efficiency on the long run.

Wash the stone with warm water and use a brush to scrub and remove dirt from the pores. Rinse a second time with hot water.

To dry the pumice stone, put it on a clean cloth in the open air.

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