Workshop onestroke techniek & Design op woensdag 21 september - 13u tot 16u30

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Do you already have some experience in facepainting but are you willing to take the next step?

This workshop will take you to that next level! Learn to use those onestrokes/splitcakes to make a beautiful and fast design.

We will start at the beginning by learning all of the brush and sponge techniques.
Afterwards we will practice on making roses (with leaves) or other flower designs and also designs more suitable for boys.

We will bring all the essential facepaint materials to practice, splitcakes and brushes.
Afterwards you will have the possibility to buy brushes, splitcakes, onestrokes and glitter used during the workshop at a 10% discount.

We only have 10 places for this workshop so don't wait too long to subscribe!!!
You can subscribe by going to and buy your ticket in our webshop.

See you soon!

Drinks included
Roos met witte stippen,
Nieuwstraat 128, 2440 geel
75€ per person

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